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About Us

DSMC Networks is an online hosting company that offers website hosting services, virtual private servers and customizable servers. In addition to offering domain registration and transfer services.

We are committed to providing the best hosting and support service. We have a talented team of people who will be happy to help you solve your problem or boost your online business. DSMC Networks knows that to grow it will have to offer the best support and hosting services. That's because DSMC Networks grows with the customer.

Lets grow together

At DSMC Networks, we grow together. Join our customers and have a successful website!


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Our timeline

See our timeline from the beginning. Here at DSMC Networks you will not find a more dedicated company.

2023 - Present

EXPANSION - We have now started to sell dedicated servers, Game, Voice servers. We are constantly expanding our service. Also now have an online pressence on Discord and expanding to other online platforms.

2019 - 2022

WE ARE BACK - Bigger then ever. We have even more focus on providing customers the best online services at an affordable price. Also, we have created several other sister companies to assist in the growth of DSMC Networks and get the great pricing out to everyone. All our companies under the umbrella of DSMC Networks off all our customers unmatched services and unparalled support. We are back in the all your great online service such as Web Hosting, VPS, Game Servers, Discord Bot Hosting, and so much more.

2016 - 2019

We sold most of our services to other companies to take a few years off. This was a well needed time off from service our amazing customers. We still kept a few of our services going in the background.

2006 - 2015

We added a sister company to the mix called High-End Gamer. We create one of the larges online gaming presence in Canada. Hosting game servers for 100s of online games to rent. We also joined World Cyber Games (WCG) Canada, the largest gaming festival in Canada. Also had a fully sponsored team that competed in several Online Leagues, LAN Tournaments all over Ontario and Quebec. We hosted 20,238 games during that time. We alos owned and operated our own Internet Cafe located in Stratford, Ontario.

2001 - 2015

Known as Cyber NET Creations, specializing in online services. Offered great services to customers for many years, such as Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers. During which time we serviced 15,389 customers during that time until we sold in 2015. During which we offered unmatched service and unparalled support to all our customers.

1993 - 2001

Formally known as DSMC Computers, where we specialized in computer sales and service. Providing customers hardware just above cost price. In 1999, we started to change our focus to online services. In 2001, our focus was totally changed to online services and that is when we changed our name to Cyber NET Creations.