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DSMC Computer Sales/Service

We can source any of your computer or electronic needs with our 14 industry leading suppliers. We specialize in service repair for desktops, laptop, servers and virus/malware removal.

We will assess your tech needs for any required builds or diagnose any hardware/software issues your device may have. Accuracy ensures your device problems are solved right away.

After the assessment or free diagnostics, we plan the next course of action to resolve your issues. We have all the right parts/tools for all jobs. All repairs are quick, efficient and reliable.

Before returning your device, we make sure the job is done using best practices. Fully test your device to ensure it not only meets your requirement, but the industry's top standards as well.

Some Services We Offer...

Services we offer are not all listed. So you have any question please contact us.

PC Tune-Up

Virus Removal

Removal of Junk Files

All OS Updates Installed

Phyiscal Cleaning of CPU and Fans

Optimizing Browsers and System Settings

Hardware Recovery/Sourcing

Hard Drive Recovery or Boot Problems

Disk Read Errors

Overheating problems, CPU Fan

Computer is VERY SLOW

Motherboard replacement

Video Card replacement

Hard Drive replacement

Power problems

Software Recovery/Transfer

Data Recovery

Data Transfer

Software installation

Operating System installation and upgrade

Data Backup and protection

Off-Site Support

Operating System installations

Virus Removal

Data backup and recovery

Network setup and configure

Device setup and configure

Wireless network setup and configure

Operating systems we can install

These are a few of the operatirng systems we are familiar with. As well as MAC OS

Windows 11 Logo
Windows 10/11
Linux Logo
Linux All Distros
Centos Logo
Centos 7, 8, 9
Ubuntu Logo
Ubuntu 18.04/20.04
Fedora Logo
Fedora 30-35