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At DSMC Networks.com, our main aim is providing good quality service at cheapest cost.


Our Hosting is the cheapest hosting on internet; this was done deliberately so as to maintain a viable business over long term. In fact, everything we do at DSMC Networks.com has a long-term view in mind, from the selection of hardware to software, and, especially, our staffs! We believe that we must make the best investment on our human resources so that we could provide the best support to our customers.

Currently, we are using one of the most versatile and feature-rich web hosting software in this business. You could try out our hosting software with a demo account and see it for yourself. We are also constantly upgrading our software to provide a wider range of features at, again, affordable price.


We own and maintain all of our servers, which are custom-built with high quality components. By providing our customers with our own servers and not going through a third-party, we can provide high speed efficiency and security as well as quick response to support issues.


If you have any suggestion for services or features which are not available at the moment, please feel free to contact us and let us know. We value your comments and feedback very much.


We hope you have an enjoyable time exploring our web site and the services we are providing. Please let us know if you have any question about any of our services or if you need any information which is not available on our site currently.

Our History

  •  2017-Present

    Took a few years off and now we are back to offer customers services like never before. You will NEVER find services like ours anywhere on the internet. This has taken us years of planning and setup. We want to make sure that all our customers — BIG or small — got the best service without the big bills. With our same focus as before to offer all our customers unmatched services and unparalleled support. We are proud to say WE ARE BACK!!!


  •  2006-2015

    We create a sister company called High-End Gamer. Created online presence for Gaming. We hosted game servers for 100s of games online for rent. We also sponsored Gaming Festival such as World Cyber Games (WCG) Canada. Also had our own gaming team that entered online leagues and tournaments at internet cafe all over Ontario. We hosted 20,238 game servers during that time. We also owned and operated our own Internet Cafe located in Stratford, Ontario.


  •  2001-2015

    We were known as Cyber NET Creations, specializing in online services. Offered great services to customers for many years, such as Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server. During which time we serviced 15,389 customers during that time until we sold in 2015. During which time we offer unmatched services and unparalleled support to all our customers.


  •  1992-2001

    Formally known as DSMC Computers, where we specialized in computer sales and service. Providing customers hardware just above cost price. In 1999 we started to change our focus to online services. In 2001, we totally changed our focus to online services and that was when Cyber NET Creations was born.

Meet Our Team

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Patrick McIsaac
Patrick McIsaac
Carrie Connolly
Carrie Connolly
Don McIsaac
Don McIsaac

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